League of Legends Top Teams

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League of Legends pro teams are the collective groups of professional video gamers that take part in the yearly World Championships. These groups consist of the best players on the planet. All League of Legends squads come from Europe, America China, Southeast Asia/ Taiwan/Hong Kong and Oceania.

LoL Team World Rankings

In the North American League Championship Series (LCS), the toughest League of Legends groups include:

  • SoloMid
  • Counter Logic Gaming
  • Liquid

The LoL teams above are noted for playing a smart, objective game in every match they have. Placing a bet on such groups provides a higher probability of winning. The most recent world champions are G2 Esports from Europe, and SoloMid from North American LCS. Also, SoloMid has most titles alongside Fnatic from Europe. They both have five titles, reaching the top of the League of Legends team ranking.

Still, when it comes to League of Legends ranked teams, we can’t speak only about the North American League Championship. In fact, Korea has managed to surprise the ranking system and give us some of the best players we have ever seen out there – Faker included.

But we are yet to see how the 2018 season of eSports will change – if it will change – the top LoL teams.

Will Korean players still hold the first place in the professional League, or will North Americans regain their glory?

All League of Legends Teams

All League of Legends squads are listed on the LoL portal.
The table below shows the names of all League of Legends groups according to geographical location.

Region Teams
America Infinity esports, LyonGaming, Keyd Stars, FlyQuest , Isurus, Cloud 9,TSM(SoloMid), Echo Fox, Liquid, EnvyUs, RED Canids, INTZ e-sports, paINGaming, Just Toyz Havok, Last Kings, CNB Club, T Show, INTZ Genesis, ProGaming, Zaga Talent Academy, Dignitas Predators, Gaming Gaming, Dash9Gaming, Silver Crows, Furious Gaming, Phoenix1Rebirth, Hafnet E-sports, Counter Logic, Immortals, Kaos-Latin Gamers.
Europe P3P esports, Misfits, G2 e-sports, ROCCAT, Vitality, Splyce, H2k Gaming, Fnatic, Unicorns of Love, Fnatic Academy, BAU Supermassive, Aurora, 1907 Fenerbahce, Dark Passage, Misfits Academy, Cilekler, Virtus Pro, Vega Squadron, Gambit Gaming, Just Alpha, Natus Vincere, Galakticos, Vaevictis e-sports, M19, TORNADO.
Asia Rampage, SK Telkom T1, KT Rolster, J Team, Longzhu Gaming, Jin Air Greenwings, Kongdoo Monster, Team WE, bbq Olivers, Royal Never Give Up, Samsung Galaxy EDward Gaming, OMG, IMay, Newbee, Invictus Gaming, Qiao Gu Reapers, Snake e-sports, LGDGaming, Suning Gaming, DANGaming, Flash Wolves, ROX Tigers, Machi 17, Hong Kong E-sports, Fireball, RaiseGaming, Wayi Spider, aFreeca Freecs, Detonation Rising, Detonation Gaming, ahq E-sports Club, 7TH Heaven, Rascal Jester, Team MVP, Unsold Stuff Gaming.
Australia Abyss, Tainted Minds, Sin Gaming, Regicide.

These groups participate in the North American League Championship Series, League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), Pro League, Masters Series, Garena Premier League, Continental Cup and Oceanic Pro League among others. Each region has its league tiers and arrangement. As you can see, League of Legends has gone completely international.

Find all LoL players at lolbettings.com, which offers all bet-related information. The League of Legends teams above participate in various tournaments around the world via a designated online stream where gamblers can also bet live on each game. The ultimate prize is the World Championship.