League of Legends Top Players

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League of Legends is the second most-watched game on Twitch right now and you can be sure that there are hundreds of people just like you – following their dream to become LoL pro players.

In order to be featured in the top League of Legends players, you have to work very hard and stay focused on your ultimate goal, namely, the League of Legends World Championship.

League of Legends Ranked Players

As we’ve mentioned just a bit earlier, it takes a lot of dedication to become a professional LoL player. But the rewards are definitely worth it.

These are the things you need to become part of the LoL players:

  • A powerful computer to enhance the quality of your game experience.
  • Stable and constant internet connection.
  • Maintain a high ELO rating; it’s your best bet for joining a pro team hence play in a top tournament.
  • Market your prowess via your stream to woo fans and potential eSports It may be a gradual process, but it will get you there.
  • Attend as many major tournaments as possible to gain exposure, and moreover, experience.

These basic pointers will surely put you on the right track to League of Legends ranked players status. Also, you must go an extra mile to be truly noticed and enter the list of top players.

Best LoL Players of All Time

The best League of Legends players are those who fight it out for the millions of dollars in prize money at the World Championships. They are watched by thirty million fans via YouTube and other stream channels and offer the best odds to bet. Currently, the League of Legends ranking is:


Lee Sang-hyeok alias Faker hails from Korea and plays in the League Championship of Korea. To date, he has earned more than half a million dollars in the World Championship ($554,086.98) and other tournaments. He and his SK-Telecom T1 team bagged the 2013 and 2015 world titles.


Soren Bjerg belongs to Team SoloMid (TSM) in NA LCS. However, he started in Europe for Copenhagen Wolves before joining his current team as a Mid Laner. Team SoloMid had a fantastic 2016 season due to Bjergsen’s efforts. His earnings top eighty-five million dollars.


Smeb’s real name is Song Kyu-Ho. He is also from LCK and is a two-time Most Valuable Gamer in the 2016 LCK tournaments. In 2015, the ROX Tigers team member helped his team reach the World Championship final against SK Telecom T1. They lost honorably.


The majority of top-ranked players hail from Korea, as Bae ‘Bang’ JunSik does. The SK Telecom T1 gamer has earned proceeds amounting to almost three hundred million dollars. As a five-year vet, having begun in 2012, he’s truly one of the best at the game.

    Zven a.k.a Zvanillan

Jesper Svenningsen represents the EU LCS and currently plies his trade for the G2 esports team. He has reached the semi-finals of the 2015 Worlds where he lost to SK Telecom.

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