League of Legends News

Well, just like most interactive websites, the League of Legends news window offers players information relating to this multiplayer online battle arena video game. The messages relayed include updates, events, teams, players, and special moments among others.

About LoL

The ‘News’ window is a bright surface with a backdrop of the video game’s theme environment and two characters. The developer occasionally relays gameplay development to the gamers. News for League of Legends players regarding the video game itself include:

  • Skin updates
  • Stream channels updates
  • LoL purchases
  • Past and upcoming tournaments information
  • League changes and improvements

The news for League of Legends skin updates are random updates on the main game’s color and texture. It is just an appearance depending on the gamer’s references. Skins are available for free download or purchase for the more aesthetically astute ones.

Upcoming tournaments are the regular news about League of Legends you are bound to come across. For example, the Mid-Season Invitational won by SK Telecom T1 is a precursor of the World Championships later in the year. All results and statistics reported on the web page also point to upcoming tournaments.

Also, news includes any changes implemented on the gameplay, league structure and any new competition rules introduced. The LoL developer, Riot, announced the change of the North American LCS on June 1st which include:

  • Altering the league structure so as to realize long-term investments.
  • Sharing league proceeds to support teams and professional players.
  • Provide professional LoL players ability to express themselves more hence a more interactive esport environment.


Alternatively, they may also include feature videos and articles for upcoming promotions, events, free giveaways, and sales offers.

Some of the new info for LoL promotional offers include:

  • Free champions each week.
  • Discount on Champions and Skin purchases.
  • Summertime T-shirt Giveaway
  • Exclusive betting offers; news on the best team or player to bet on, etc.

Note that the presentation varies in mode. Some are in the form of videos while others are written articles. Even posters and images count as something new for audiences; as long as the message is conveyed. Feature events are mostly seasonal such as summer, autumn or winter specials. Also, it varies from region to region although there are general statements by the developer, targeting the whole LoL network.

In conclusion, all news about League of Legends is readily available on the website. Lolbettings.com informs the esport world of all developments in addition to advice on when and how to bet and livestream channels available. Information is, after all, power.