League of Legends Tournaments

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League of Legends tournaments are all the rage right now. As soon as the eSports gaming season starts, you will be introduced to a list of all of the upcoming events.

LoL Tournament Calendar

League of Legends online tournaments gather professional video gamers and fans alike. Players willing to participate have to visit the Community Events page where all occasions are listed.

The tournaments occur all year round with some being all-star games and others being collective legs of a long-running championship. A League of Legends tournament is either joined by a gamer or formed by an organizer.

Of course, the most important thing when speaking of these tournaments is the prize pool. In the case of online tournaments, the winner can get money or gifts of rare skins and such. When it comes to the big LoL tournament prize, it can be as high as $2 million.

Organizing and Joining

Organizing an event involves the following steps:

  • Click the «Create an Event» button found on the Community Events page.
  • Fill in the form with the necessary details such as venue, time schedules, and live stream channels. Also, include the ticketing information as well as whether fans can bet on a match within a League of Legends tournament.
  • Submit your application to Riot Games.

To see if it qualifies as an appropriate event, access the «Events I am running» tab. In this window, you will find three statements:

  • Submitted
  • Awaiting Review
  • Approved

If a Rioter reviews it and deems it lacking (it will be noted «Requires Changes»), you will have to make changes. You do this by clicking on the «Edit Event» option.

Attending an eSports match is quite simple, whether it is online or in a physical location. You simply access the Community Event page and browse for all League of Legends upcoming events listed there, and you will get all the results, from a simple meet-up to a major. The tournament rules are the guiding factors that an organizer includes to ensure there is order regarding elimination, wins, and gameplay.

Current Events

All League of Legends events currently include the exclusive Rotating game modes introduced in 2016. It is recurring and occurs in a fortnight.

The international tournaments of 2018 include:

  • Hunt of the Blood Moon
  • Doom Bots of Doom
  • Nexus Siege
  • Hexakill
  • Nemesis Draft
  • Ascension

There is also the annual League of Legends World Championship that happens every October. A total of six tournaments is arranged by Riot Games with the group stage play in a round robin format. The knockout phase involves the top two teams from each cluster. Fans can follow each game via a live stream and even bet on them at lolbettings.com. The eventual winner gets the Summoner’s Cup. The 2017 edition was held in Beijing, China.